The Classic Post-Partum Pillow

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The Idea Behind The Most Under-Rated Post-Partum Essential

No one wants to talk about what happens the day after delivery. That is why we decided to start the uncomfortable conversation about the post-partum büm. Post-partum perineal pain is real and it can make something as simple as sitting unbearable. Instead of just dealing with it, we decided to do something about it. Bümmaa's innovative design solves the problem by simply removing the pressure from the area that shouldn't have it in the first place. You don't expect a wound to heal by pressing down on it, why is your vagina any different?

Why Choose Bümmaa?

Unlike all the other pillows out there, Bümmaa uses plush memory foam, That means that once you sit. Bümmaa hugs your curves, providing a comfortable fit, minimizing pressure on both your vagina and anus, while promoting body alignment and stabilization. This is important because after delivery you will not only be experiencing soreness in the areas listed, but that is also when postpartum contractions kick in. As your uterus gets back to its pre-pregnancy size, contraction pain concentrated in your lower back can make it more painful to sit if you don't have the proper posture and support.


In order to ensure the lowest possible prices for our customers, please allow at least 2-3 weeks shipping. Our pillow is definitely worth the wait!

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